Baltic Firewood High Quality Firewood Log Supplier | Wood pellets | April 2015
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We are happy to inform you that we now offer wood pellets.

Due to the number of enquiries that we have received asking about the supply of wood pellets, we have added this product to our range.

All our pellets are 6mm diameter, EN plus A1 specification, also FSC approved.

Baltic Firewood Firewood Wood Pellets

The pellets are supplied in 15 kg bags with 70 bags per pallet, giving a net weight of 1050 kg, which is 70 kg more than most other suppliers. Please check the weight on other pallets which claim to be a ton. Our delivered price equates to £256.00 per ton.

• 1 full pallet, 70 x 15kg bags, total of 1050 kg: £265.00
• 1/2 pallet, 35 x 15kg bags, total of 525 kg: £160.00

The above prices include VAT and free delivery to the Scottish central belt.

All pallets delivered by a 17 ton truck with a tail lift, we aim to deliver within 3 days of your order being placed. Pallets will be delivered to the nearest hard standing to your property.

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