Keep Your Client
How to keep your client interested? The answer is simple – via the Internet. The Internet is a powerful marketing tool - if used correctly, you will raise interest in your business and keep your clients satisfied.
How to inform your clients about incoming changes, offers and promotions?
1. Website
Do you have an eye-catching and modern website? Is it errors-free and properly validated to W3C standard? Is it cross-browser displayed and up to date? Are you visible?

If not, you should consider website re-design.
2. Email Marketing
Send them especially designed html emails. Targeted volume emails allow you to reach your client base more effectively.
Why waste valuable time, effort and revenue on mail-shots and flyers?
  html emails

Targeted email advertising is much more effective and can reach a broader client base. Targeted emailing is also far more cost-effective than traditional mailing - saving your business money.
3. Social media
Do you have a customised business page on Social Media such as Facebook or Twitter?
Social Media sites and the services they provide are now an essential component of modern businesses advertising.
  social media
Social Networking is a means of keeping in touch with your clients, sharing information with them, informing them of upcoming events or offers. They are an essential source of advertising for your business and ensure your company’s visibility in the marketplace. The advantages and opportunities offered by Social Media and Networking should be utilised by your company.
We provide a complete and expert service enabling you to take advantage of Social Media and Networking.
Can't do this by yourself, I am here to help you. I can take care of all aspects of website optimisation, ensuring you stay up-to-date, future-proof and competitive – keeping your clients interested.
If you're interested in any of the services described above or would like advice on how best to promote your company, click here or on the service below or call Marita on 01505 382598 or 07557 733195.
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