HTML Email
– the powerful tool
  html emails
What a HTML Email is? How does it work?
The HTML Email is especially designed and - using mark-up language - coded email.
The email can contain texts, images, hyperlink, that provide to your website or special designed landing pages.
html emails
Using the html email, you can inform your friends, clients, future customers about changes, special offers or just send them a Christmas Wishes.
The email can be personalized, so your recipient is treated individually.
What's happening next?
The created email is validated to much W3C standards, so you can be sure that it will displayed in your recipient computer properly without any damages.
Using special email software, the email is send to all your friends, clients, customers at the same time.
html emails
Recipients can open the email, see the nice design, read a message and click on the link provided. Nicely designed email keeps your clients interested. html emails
You, for exchange, receive a report that shows you to whom the email was sent, who opened the email, who clicked on the links.
Therefore you can use this tool – html email campaign – as a marketing tool for your business, or just save money on Christmas cards & post stamps, and be sure that the wishes will be delivered on time.
html emails
Can't do this by yourself, I am here to help you. I will take care about any aspect you rise to help you with an email campaign.
If you're interested in any of the aspects described above or just want to take advice how to promote your company best, click here or call Marita on 01505382598 or 07557733195.
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