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QR Codes – Static & Dynamic

Do you want to contact your clients on the highest level?

Marita Website Designer & developer | Paisley Glasgow Scotland QR Codes help you with that!

QR Codes are a great way of adding interactive content to any marketing material.

What is a QR code?

QR Code is a pixelated squares that are used for example in advertisements in magazines, leaflets, brochures, billboards, posters, etc.

Your customers are able to scan the QR code on their Smartphones, and they are taken directly to e.g. your website or Google Maps Location.

Therefore your clients do not have to type in complex web addresses on small keyboards to see the information you want to pass to them.

There are a lot of possibilities to code different messages in QR Code e.g. website URL, YouTube video, Google maps location, Twitter, Facebook (other social media pages), iTunes link, App Store, plain text (message/news/offer you want to send to your clients), telephone number (clients call straight away after the code is scanned), Skype call, email address or message, contact details, event (date, time & place), PayPal link, and many more.

Static or Dynamic QR code?

Marita Website Designer & developer | Paisley Glasgow Scotland Dynamic QR codes as opposed to static QR codes are recyclable. That means you are allow to change and update the destination URL of your code.

For example, this is very useful if you have to wait for a webpage to be finished before sending work to the printers (leaflet, appointment cards etc.). Now, you are able just to print the stuff and then to update the code later. It's important here you don't have to change your website to fit the codes!

Moreover you can track the dynamic code. For example the tracking report shows you if the QR code campaign was successful.

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