First website for a client from Cupar in Fife

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I have a thought today about my very first website designed as an owner and web master of Web Studio Marita... It was more than 10 years ago, and I remember a joy to design and code this website from scratch – I mean manually coded website!

Creating website this way was much more complicated than just use Word Press or any other web building platform to build the website. However, the joy was enormous. More over coding skills are useful nowadays too, since I can add own code or correct existing on Word Press platform – how good is that?

So, my first website designed this way was for well established business in Cupar, Fife region for Rejuvenate – Fitness and Wellbeing. The business is closed for good, but we co-operated a few years to make website updates or amendments.

After this website I designed and developed 3 other websites for clients from Cupar and Fife region. One of those websites is down due business closure (Inch Loss in Fife) and two are still alive.

From those two one was coded manually from scratch: Pluckin Magic
The second was firstly coded from scratch, but later on re-designed and so is based on Word Press platform, but customised and responsive: VINCENT BUTLER ARTIST

I have very good relations with clients from Fife area, and I hope this last for as long as possible.

Times fly by, but memories are stays with us.